What is Life Coaching?

Within all of us is a compass that tells us if we are living our lives in a meaningful, purposeful way.  When we listen to our compass we feel alive, passionate, and whole.  When we don't, we feel lost, numb, and just plain blah.

Intuitively you know you are off your path but you just don't know what direction to go.


Coaching allows you to rediscover what makes you come alive, while simultaneously eliminating the obstacles.


Discovering, and then letting go of what isn't working in our lives is no small task.

Coaches help you dive in and uncover what was always there...the blueprint to your best life.

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As a student of psychology I assumed I was on the path to becoming a therapist.  What I discovered along the way is how interested I was in understanding how and why people thrive.


My relationships, work, health, and the way I saw my own life needed a shift.  I began my own personal investigation to unfold a blueprint that included more joy, spontaneity, and ease in my own life.


As I came to understand my values, what made me feel alive and gain a greater sense of myself I realized this work didn't need to be done alone.  I yearned for someone to ask me the right questions, help navigate through difficulty, and remind me what was possible.  The path of my own self discovery ended with the understanding of what I wanted to do with my life.  I was certified as a coach in 2010 and have been helping hundreds of people uncover their own blueprint and construct a life they truly love.

About Kendra Perry


The 12 week coaching program is designed for people who want to create long term change.  We will begin by understanding specifically what it is you want and the necessary steps to get you there.  We will investigate stale beliefs and habits that have impeded your growth then replace them with those that fuel your fire. Every week you will be asked hard questions as part of your homework that allow you to understand who you are and what is possible for you.  It is an amazing opportunity to be held accountable towards creating a powerful, meaningful and joyful life.

The first step towards creating a powerful, meaningful and joyful life...



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